Rebecca W. Loraamm, PhD


Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma Dept. of Geography and Environmental Sustainability


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I have taught a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of GIS, wildlife ecology, forestry, environmental seminars and quantitative geography. Below is a list of courses I have taught and/or developed curriculum for.

Department Course Curriculum Development

(EVR 4027) Wetland Environments online - undergraduate

Courses Taught as Instructor

(GIS 4013/5013) Fundamentals of GIS - undergraduate, graduate

(EVR 4027) Wetland Environments online - undergraduate

(EVR 4218) Wildlife Ecology classroom - undergraduate

Courses as Teaching Assistant

(EVR 4218/6408) Wildlife Ecology - undergraduate, graduate

(EVR 4930/6930) Forest Ecology and Management - undergraduate

(EVR 4921/6930) Environmental Research Interdisciplinary Colloquium - undergraduate, graduate

(GEA 2000)World Regional Geography - undergraduate